Sneak Peeks & Shrieks

This is Slappy's World— You only scream in it!

Book Bites

This is Slappy's World— You only scream in it!

A new book series to kick off our big anniversary year—the 25th year of Goosebumps!

When we started the Goosebumps book series in 1992, we had no idea of how many generations of readers we were going to SCARE! Beginning with Welcome to Dead House, there are at least 130 titles out there—and more to come.

Get ready for GOOSEBUMPS SLAPPYWORLD! A whole new Goosebumps series, featuring Slappy the Evil Dummy as narrator—and sometimes star.

Watch for these titles:

Slappy Birthday to You!

Attack of the Jack!

I am Slappy's Evil Twin!

And more!

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