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Welcome to Rotten School

To be a true Rotten Student, You need to collect all the books!

  • The Big Blueberry Barf-Off

    The Big Blueberry Barf-Off

    Join Bernie Bridges and his arch-enemy, that spoiled rich kid, SHERMAN OAKS, for the grossest pie-eating contest ever! Will it get ugly? Who will barf first?

  • Party Poopers

    Bernie calls Jennifer Ecch Nightmare Girl. When she asks him to be her date at the All-Night Party, Bernie thinks: No way! He has a drastic plan to get rid of The Ecch. It means he has to become the nastiest, grossest, most disgusting kid at Rotten School. Can he do it?

  • The Great Smelling Bee

    No Pets allowed in school. But Bernie is trying to keep his fat bulldog, GASSY, in his dorm room. And how do you think the dog got that name? Can Bernie hide the smell before he gets kicked out of school?

  • The Rottenest Angel

    New student Angel Goodeboy is a perfect angel. Bernie is horrified when Mrs. Heinie makes him share his room with Angel. She wants Angel's goodness to rub off on Bernie. But wait a minute! When no teachers are watching, Angel is no angel! He's taking over Bernie's room, Bernie's friends --- even Bernie's pets! Bernie has got to get rid of this kid. But how do you get rid of an angel?

  • The Good, The Bad, and the Very Slimy

    April-May June won't go to the dance with Bernie because he's a troublemaker. So Bernie promises he can stay out of trouble for a WHOLE WEEK! Can Bernie turn into a goody-goody? Even when it's time for the super-slimy (against the rules) Slug Race?

  • Punk'd and Skunked

    Bernie is desperate to win a trip to the super-rich prep school, Preppy Prep Prep. To get there, he and his pals have to win the Young Inventors Contest. So far, their ideas aren't exactly winners...

    • A left-handed paper cup!
    • A re-usable toothbrush!
    • A vacuum cleaner for your nose!

    Bernie wants to win big against those preppy rich kids. But if he doesn't invent something better, he'll be PUNK'D and SKUNKED!

  • Lose, Team, Lose!

    Ever since JENNIFER ECCH joined Bernie's football team, they win game after game. But, now, Bernie is desperate to LOSE! Why? Mainly, because he wants to LIVE! If his team goes to the championship, they'll have to play the growling, snarling, bone-breaking team called The FLESH-EATERS! Can Bernie find a way to LOSE?

  • Battle of the Dum-Diddys

    It's not a real war. It's only a video game called WUNGO WARRIORS. But Bernie Bridges has a scheme. He's going to bring the Wungo Warriors to life! Only one little problem: Bernie's battle may close down Rotten School forever!

  • Shake, Rattle, & Hurl

    Bernie is desperate for someone in his Rotten House dorm to win the school Talent Show. There's only one problem. No one in his dorm has any talent! Then Bernie discovers that Chipmunk -- the shyest kid in school -- is a great rock guitarist. Chipmunk could win -- except for one bad habit. Every time he steps onstage, he starts to hurl! Yes, it's totally sick -- but can Bernie find a way to win?

  • Got Cake?

    Bernie wants to win the prize as Most Popular Rotten Student of the Year. How can he prove he's the most popular dude on campus? Easy. He's going to throw the biggest, wildest birthday party ever! But, look out, Bernie --- some birthday parties turn out to be SURPRISE parties!

  • The Heinie Prize

    Belzer's parents think he's a loser. They want to take him out of Rotten School. Every year, Mrs. Heinie awards the Heinie Prize to the Most Outstanding Student. Bernie Bridges wants Belzer to win the Heinie. Then his parents will have to let him stay. But how can Belzer win? Everyone spells his name L-O-S-E-R!

  • Night of the Creepy Things

    Why are all the kids at Rotten School screaming in terror? Maybe it's because everyone in school is making a HORROR movie! Bernie Bridges thinks he's got some creepy ideas. But, watch out, Bernie --- Halloween is going to be a real SCREAM!

  • Dudes, The School is Haunted!

    Joe Sweety is the biggest, meanest kid at Rotten School. Even his EARS have muscles! Bernie Bridges has the perfect way to pay Sweety back for being a bully. Bernie plans to haunt Joe and make him think a ghost is after him. Things definitely get SCARY. The question is: Who is haunting WHO?

  • Calling All Birdbrains

    Why does Bernie Bridges bring Lippy, his rude, squawking parrot, to all his games and sports events? Because Lippy is a GOOD LUCK bird! But when Lippy's luck runs out, Bernie decides he has to give the parrot away. Is he making a bird-brained mistake?

  • The Teacher From Heck

    Mrs. Heinie can't bear Bernie and his pals one more day. She quits-- and is replaced by a teacher named Mr. Skruloose! He's the Teacher from Heck! He's so strict, he won't let the kids SNEEZE! Can Bernie think up a way to bring Mrs. H back? Does a weasel have lips?

  • Dumb Clucks

    Just how stupid is Stupid Chicken? Bernie Bridges thinks the fowl cartoon character is a dumb cluck. But why not make a buck from a cluck? The problem is: half the school has a different hero --- Drastic Duck! Who will win the battle between the clucks and the quacks?

For LOTS more ROTTEN SCHOOL fun, go to: http://rottenschool.com