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Funhouse. Jokes, Games, Comics and Puzzles!

Game: Monster Solitaire

Play solitaire with the resident monster and win, if you dare! Beware! There are things that go bump in the night...

Game: Splash Attack

From the rooftop at Rotten School, drench your opponents with water balloons before getting soaked.

Game: Eye Blaster

Score as many points as possible by swapping adjacent items to create sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 3 or more identical items.

Game: Haunted Mansion

Escape as quickly as you can from the haunted mansion by using portals to jump closer to the goal. Along the way, pick up as many items as you can to boost your score.

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  • Midnight Madness

    Meet the One-Legged Ogre, the Headless Hangman and other spooky characters in the Midnight Madness Puzzles download!

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